Adi Braun - Delishious

Cabaret Scenes (New Jersey)
June 2003
Jeff Rossen

From a strictly personal view, one of the great things about reviewing albums is getting a release from an artist with whose work you're not familiar and discovering a gifted artist delivering a knockout set. Such is the case with Adi Braun. No, these ears had never heard her alluring voice before, but you can be sure that they'll never forget it.

Although the opening Crazy From the Heat could lead one to expect a different kind of set to follow – and the wonderfully silly title track (one can just hear Ira Gershwin laughing to himself as he came up with the goofy rhymes heard here) certainly continues in that vein – the rest of Delishious settles into a more standard mode. But “standard” only applies to the songs selections and hardly to Braun's take on the well-known titles. She approaches each with a sharp ear and keen focus, looking inside The Nearness of You to find a passionate, warmly beating heart; putting her own spell on That Old Black Magic; taking melancholy to aching peaks in Lover Man and Cry Me a River, and opening the playfulness of When in Rome and the Girl from Ipanema.

Backed by the solid work of Doug Riley (piano), Steve Wallace (bass), Terry Clarke (drums) and Tony Quarrington (guitar), Braun never feels the need to rush through her music, taking ample time to explore the lyric and melody, often finding sublime ways of playing with the latter. Delishous ? Mouth-wateringly so.