NOW Magazine
September 2004
Brent Raynor

Rating: NNN

Being a female jazz singer can be tough. Not only is everything you release immediately compared to the likes of Ella, Billie and Sarah, but trying to break new ground while keeping the acceptance of the jazz community presents its own set of challenges. On her debut, Braun holds her own vocally against the godmothers of jazz, and she deftly mixes up her set with classical, pop, cabaret and blues. But what puts her ahead of most contemporary jazz singer is her superb timing and phrasing, which she uses to revive old classics. Solid support from Doug Riley, Steve Wallace and Tony Quarrington also keeps standards like Mister Sandman and The Girl From Ipanema from sounding like a night at the Holiday Inn. Braun holds court at the Top o' the Senator September 7 through 12.