Welcome to my new website, redesigned to coincide with the launch of my fourth CD "Canadian Scenes I".

Adi Braun - Canadian Scenes 1

I am thrilled to be releasing this all-Canadian, all-original recording featuring songs by myself, Jordan Klapman and Tony Quarrington, and Julian Taylor. My musical partners on "Canadian Scenes I" are Kevin Barrett (guitar), George Koller (bass), Glenn Anderson (drums), and Jordan Klapman (piano) with a special appearance by Julian Taylor who joins me in a duet of his song "It's not enough".

This recording is a dream-come-true. The seeds for it were sown quite some time ago when I first started to perform songs by Canadian songwriters as well as write and perform my own music. But somehow the courage was not there yet to commit them to "vinyl".

It feels wonderful to be able to express myself in this way and also to honour the rich talents of other Canadian composers. Music is ultimately about story-telling and so I hope you enjoy these musical tales.

The official launch of "Canadian Scenes I" will be held at Toronto's Revival Bar on September 29, 2010 ~ check the schedule page for details and other upcoming events. Hope to see you there!

LATEST REVIEW: Canadian Scenes I

"This recording is a dream-come-true," says award-winning jazz vocalist Adi Braun of her recently released five-song EP, "Canadian Scenes I." On it Braun has stretched her already impressive talents to include songwriting with three original tunes.

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